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Latin America and the Caribbean
Seeds of hope: Traditional and ancestral knowledge applied to revitalize, preserve and multiply more nutritious and climate change-resilient seed varieties in Chile

Latin America and the Caribbean

Kumé is an IFAD-supported platform created by Fundación ACUA (Afro-descendant Cultural Assets Foundation). By commercializing gastronomic products and services that promote culture, traditional knowledge and local crops, ACUA enhances the visibility of rural Afro-descendant communities in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Through the platform, chefs in rural territories offer live online cooking classes for participants in major cities. Using traditional recipes, the chefs showcase their cultures, territories and traditional practices.

Asia and the Pacific
Edible canna and xiangxiang pigs

Circular farming project harnesses challenging geography and reduces poverty in mountainous area

Latin America and the Caribbean
Participatory Mapping

An inclusive methodology to promote sustainable access to natural resources.

Latin America and the Caribbean
REAF policy dialogue platform for family farming

A voice for rural farmers in MERCOSUR countries.

West and Central Africa
Pastoral Units - Natural resource sharing

Developing Pastoral Units to support natural resource management in Senegal.

Asia and the Pacific
A cellphone-based information hub for pastoralists in Gujarat

India’s trend for mobile tech helped create a powerful knowledge network.