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Latin America and the Caribbean
Engendering cooperativism: Rural women’s leadership in the struggle to facilitate family farmers’ access to markets.

Latin America and the Caribbean
Sustainable and decentralized infrastructures to adapt to climate change

Mobilizing and training rural communities to construct low-cost water management mechanisms

East and Southern Africa
Human-wildlife conflict management

The Upper Tana Natural Resources Management Project (UTaNRMP) aims to increase sustainable food production and improve sustainable management of natural resources in Kenya. To limit conflict arising from the proximity of human settlements to wildlife habitats, a solar-powered wildlife control barrier was constructed in the forest near Mt. Kenya in collaboration with local communities, public actors and private organizations.  

Agroecology farmer training

Farmers across the Global South can learn from agroecological solutions presented by their peers via Access Agriculture’s online video platform. While thousands of organizations and rural service providers have freely downloaded and shared these videos from Africa, Asia and Latin America, farmers have become the largest occupational group signing up for Access Agriculture. At least sixty million farmers have seen Access Agriculture videos.

Pula: Combining affordable insurance with agronomic advice to protect smallholder farmers in emerging markets

A tool to help smallholder farmers avoid devastating financial losses.

Latin America and the Caribbean
Rural Development Roundtables

Participatory fora for dialogue and decision-making among civil society and public institutions.

Latin America and the Caribbean
Participatory Mapping

An inclusive methodology to promote sustainable access to natural resources.

Latin America and the Caribbean
REAF policy dialogue platform for family farming

A voice for rural farmers in MERCOSUR countries.

East and Southern Africa
Setting up plant clinics for farmers and their crops

Through expert advice, farmers improve the health of their crops and access best practices.

Latin America and the Caribbean
Rural dialogue groups drive policy change in LAC

Policy debate and discussion among groups of influencers creates change for poor people.

Latin America and the Caribbean
Certificate scheme provides access to finance in Paraguay

A new way to access collateral for loans.

Latin America and the Caribbean
Agricultural Innovation Marketplace

Knowledge-sharing initiative to boost agricultural innovation.

West and Central Africa
Pastoral Units - Natural resource sharing

Developing Pastoral Units to support natural resource management in Senegal.

East and Southern Africa
Strengthening landscape assessments for better project design

New data measurement capabilities could hold the key to building climate change resilience.

Near East, North Africa, Europe and Central Asia
Boosting food security through multi-national innovation ‘corridors’

Environmentally similar countries can pool resources to accelerate agricultural development.

East and Southern Africa
Knowledge-sharing radio broadcasts help female farmers thrive

Adding female voices to agricultural radio programmes empowered communities in Africa.