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West and Central Africa
Mechanized raised-bed technology

<p>Mechanized raised-bed (MRB) irrigation is a field-configuration technology that enhances water use efficiency in dryland conditions. This technology, along with improved crop varieties and agronomic practices, is part of a MRB production package that improves farm productivity and income. For wheat in Egypt, MRB led to an average 25 percent increase in yield, more than 60 percent increase in water productivity and about 20 percent in farming cost reduction.</p>

Latin America and the Caribbean

<p>Kumé is an IFAD-supported platform created by Fundación ACUA (Afro-descendant Cultural Assets Foundation). By commercializing gastronomic products and services that promote culture, traditional knowledge and local crops, ACUA enhances the visibility of rural Afro-descendant communities in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Through the platform, chefs in rural territories offer live online cooking classes for participants in major cities. Using traditional recipes, the chefs showcase their cultures, territories and traditional practices.</p>

Near East, North Africa, Europe and Central Asia
Conservation Agriculture

<p>When properly managed, conservation agriculture can benefit both farmers and the environment. Conservation agriculture refers to the use of technologies and practices that enhance crop productivity while improving resource-use efficiency and soil health. As an alternative to conventional tillage for rainfed drylands, it not only saves time and labour, but also conserves water and nutrients in the soil to make crop production more resilient to climate change.</p>

West and Central Africa
Heat-tolerant wheat

<p>The International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) has developed high-yielding wheat varieties with resistance to extreme heat, drought, salinity, insect pests and diseases. The varieties have been adopted throughout Central and West Asia, North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa, areas highly vulnerable to climate change. This solution aims to enhance productivity, raise farmers’ incomes, create jobs and increase value addition by encouraging higher levels of wheat self-sufficiency.</p>

East and Southern Africa
Rangeland management

<p>The Sustainable Rangeland Management (SRM) toolkit, tested in Tunisia, lays out a scalable, holistic and multidisciplinary approach for addressing the biophysical and socio-economic trade-offs among different land uses. The toolkit helps communities, policymakers and development actors apply key sustainable rangeland management practices to targeted regions. It can play a major role in achieving a neutral level of land degradation, increased forage production and enhanced ecosystem services.</p>

Asia and the Pacific
Town-based factory district

Reducing poverty with better infrastructure in county with scarce arable land

East and Southern Africa
E-finance vouchers support growth for Kenyan smallholders

Building food security with an agribusiness e-finance system.

Latin America and the Caribbean
Rural Development Roundtables

Participatory fora for dialogue and decision-making among civil society and public institutions.

Latin America and the Caribbean
Participatory Mapping

An inclusive methodology to promote sustainable access to natural resources.

East and Southern Africa
Developing supply capacity for local animal health inputs for improved animal husbandry

Helping hard-to-reach smallholder famers improve household food security and generate income.

Asia and the Pacific
Community-driven development improves livelihoods in Tonga

Collective planning and action results in more ownership, better skills and higher incomes.

An innovative and scalable cooking-based charcoal production value chain for women

Charcoal produced as a by-product of daily cooking becomes a livelihood opportunity.

East and Southern Africa
Culinary Demonstration Units

Tackling malnutrition through knowledge sharing and practical demonstrations among farmers

Near East, North Africa, Europe and Central Asia
Uniting smallholders to access value chains

A collective approach to commercializing small-scale agriculture.

East and Southern Africa
Strengthening landscape assessments for better project design

New data measurement capabilities could hold the key to building climate change resilience.

Household management methods for rural families

Promoting equality within family units to support broader social change.