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Latin America and the Caribbean
Sustainable and decentralized infrastructures to adapt to climate change

Mobilizing and training rural communities to construct low-cost water management mechanisms

East and Southern Africa
Land tenure security

The Sustainable Rangeland Management Project (SRMP) is a land governance project with the goal of fostering inclusive land governance in order to improve food security and economic development in the context of competing land demands. Implemented in three phases with Phase III running from 2016-2020, the project relied on participatory land-use planning and allocating community land rights to move toward a more productive and conflict-free rangeland management and accountability-based relationship among the local communities.

East and Southern Africa
Public-private-producer partnership (4Ps)

The Marketing Infrastructure, Value Addition and Rural Finance Support Programme (MIVARF) is a seven-year programme aimed at supporting sustainable and profitable links between smallholders and markets in Tanzania. Through the 4Ps approach, the programme organizes smallholder producers into groups and cooperatives, teaching negotiation skills and building trust to reduce transaction costs with private investors.

Developing policies and programmes on spate irrigation

Spate irrigation provides an effective solution during times of water shortage

Latin America and the Caribbean
REAF policy dialogue platform for family farming

A voice for rural farmers in MERCOSUR countries.

Mobilizing public-private partnerships in support of women-led small business development

Sustainable, export-oriented small businesses to produce cashmere, mohair and wool.

Developing a business case for safe recovery of water, nutrients and energy

Enterprise-based solutions for reuse of domestic and agro-industrial waste

Latin America and the Caribbean
Rural dialogue groups drive policy change in LAC

Policy debate and discussion among groups of influencers creates change for poor people.

East and Southern Africa
REACTS Business-Building Consortiums

Uniting local organizations improves farmers' incomes.

Asia and the Pacific
A cellphone-based information hub for pastoralists in Gujarat

India’s trend for mobile tech helped create a powerful knowledge network.

Asia and the Pacific
Fish marketing societies in Coastal India

Supporting fishing communities against exploitative creditors.