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East and Southern Africa
Climate-Smart Dairy

As a result of population growth and changing diets, the demand for meat and milk is rising quickly in East and Southern Africa. This increase presents new opportunities for livestock producers but also means increased greenhouse gas emissions. The goal of the climate-smart dairy system is to improve forages and feeding strategies that increase the incomes and resilience of smallholder farmers.

Asia and the Pacific
Juncao Technology

By introducing the Juncao species of grass in Fiji, the Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University enabled smallholder farmers to greatly improve their incomes. Juncao can be used as feed for livestock during dry seasons and as a medium for cultivating edible and medicinal mushrooms.

East and Southern Africa
Preventing aflatoxins by distributing low-cost DryCards to test food dryness

A low-cost tool that measures food dryness

West and Central Africa
Mechanized raised-bed technology

Mechanized raised-bed (MRB) irrigation is a field-configuration technology that enhances water use efficiency in dryland conditions. This technology, along with improved crop varieties and agronomic practices, is part of a MRB production package that improves farm productivity and income. For wheat in Egypt, MRB led to an average 25 percent increase in yield, more than 60 percent increase in water productivity and about 20 percent in farming cost reduction.

Near East, North Africa, Europe and Central Asia
Conservation Agriculture

When properly managed, conservation agriculture can benefit both farmers and the environment. Conservation agriculture refers to the use of technologies and practices that enhance crop productivity while improving resource-use efficiency and soil health. As an alternative to conventional tillage for rainfed drylands, it not only saves time and labour, but also conserves water and nutrients in the soil to make crop production more resilient to climate change.

East and Southern Africa
Reproductive platform

The reproductive platform aims to establish low-cost, low-infrastructure reproductive laboratories that transform breeding programs in Ethiopia by enhancing the management of reproductive cycles and genetic improvements to popular sheep and goat breeds. It reduces the risk that potentially unsuitable rams would be used for breeding and provides communities with new business opportunities.

East and Southern Africa
Rangeland management

The Sustainable Rangeland Management (SRM) toolkit, tested in Tunisia, lays out a scalable, holistic and multidisciplinary approach for addressing the biophysical and socio-economic trade-offs among different land uses. The toolkit helps communities, policymakers and development actors apply key sustainable rangeland management practices to targeted regions. It can play a major role in achieving a neutral level of land degradation, increased forage production and enhanced ecosystem services.

Asia and the Pacific
Edible canna and xiangxiang pigs

Circular farming project harnesses challenging geography and reduces poverty in mountainous area

East and Southern Africa
E-finance vouchers support growth for Kenyan smallholders

Building food security with an agribusiness e-finance system.

East and Southern Africa
Developing supply capacity for local animal health inputs for improved animal husbandry

Helping hard-to-reach smallholder famers improve household food security and generate income.

Asia and the Pacific
Community-driven development improves livelihoods in Tonga

Collective planning and action results in more ownership, better skills and higher incomes.

Asia and the Pacific
Settlement and titling of new land in Bangladesh

Char land formed by rivers and tides provides a chance of security and income for landless people.

East and Southern Africa
Culinary Demonstration Units

Tackling malnutrition through knowledge sharing and practical demonstrations among farmers

Mobilizing public-private partnerships in support of women-led small business development

Sustainable, export-oriented small businesses to produce cashmere, mohair and wool.

East and Southern Africa
Using ICT to share innovative agricultural technology in Tanzania

SMS and radio shows introduced productivity-enhancing technologies to 2 million farmers.

East and Southern Africa
Bocage hedges in Rwanda

Improving soil fertility and combating flood damage through bocage agroforestry.

West and Central Africa
Rural entrepreneurship resource centers

Giving entrepreneurs the skills and tools to build their ideas into businesses.

Coffee industry regeneration in Sao Tome and Principe

Local and international groups collaborate to restore a tradition of outstanding coffee.

Asia and the Pacific
Supporting business growth for Bangladeshi char-area producers

Group-based support project helped new char-area residents build social capital.

East and Southern Africa
Knowledge-sharing radio broadcasts help female farmers thrive

Adding female voices to agricultural radio programmes empowered communities in Africa.