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East and Southern Africa
Community Initiative Fund

A matching-grant formula for financing groups to set up small-scale productive enterprises

Near East, North Africa, Europe and Central Asia
Enhancing access to financial services for young entrepreneurs

Inclusive rural finance and capacity development through knowledge-sharing and practical demonstrations by beneficiaries.

East and Southern Africa
Public-private-producer partnership (4Ps)

The Marketing Infrastructure, Value Addition and Rural Finance Support Programme (MIVARF) is a seven-year programme aimed at supporting sustainable and profitable links between smallholders and markets in Tanzania. Through the 4Ps approach, the programme organizes smallholder producers into groups and cooperatives, teaching negotiation skills and building trust to reduce transaction costs with private investors.

Asia and the Pacific

The Agri-Entrepreneurs Model by Syngenta Foundation incentivizes youth to play an active role in their region’s agricultural development. An agri-entrepreneur (AE) brings together services such as access to credit, market linkages, high-quality inputs and crop advice for a cluster of 150-200 farmers. The model is currently active across 16 states in India. With over 40 partner organizations, the programme has stitched together a robust ecosystem to support smallholders.

Pula: Combining affordable insurance with agronomic advice to protect smallholder farmers in emerging markets

A tool to help smallholder farmers avoid devastating financial losses.

The Toothpick Project: Fighting Striga (witchweed) with Smallholder Biotechnology

Providing safe and innovative bioherbicide, designed by and for smallholders.

East and Southern Africa
Financial inclusion

The automated credit-scoring system allows smallholder farmers to more easily access loans. The system enables savings and credit cooperative societies (SACCOs) and farmers’ organizations to access in real time farmers’ historical financial data and better determine their creditworthiness.  So far, Amtech has reached 89,000 farmers, one-third of the farmers they have in their database. Amtech plans to mobilize the other two-thirds over the next two years.

West and Central Africa
Community-Based Breeding Programmes

Ten years ago, community-based breeding programmes appeared as a pioneer solution for improving the genes of sheep and goat in low-input systems. CBBPs focus on building local capacity by training farmers, leading to sustained genetic improvement of indigenous breeds. The solution has made economically important genes more common, increased farmers’ income by 20 per cent and helped the community triple their consumption of animal source foods.

East and Southern Africa
E-finance vouchers support growth for Kenyan smallholders

Building food security with an agribusiness e-finance system.

Asia and the Pacific
Economic Empowerment through Agro-Taobao Villages in Rural Areas

Promoting sales of agricultural products through a web platform to transform local ressources and increase employment — Shuyang Case

West and Central Africa
Babyloan: Funding young micro-entrepreneurs in Rural Mali

Enabling the Malian diaspora to lend small amounts in support of micro-entrepreneurs in Mali.

Asia and the Pacific
National cloud platform for grass-roots agricultural technology extension in China

Enabling grass-roots agricultural extension workers to acquire timely information and knowledge in China

Asia and the Pacific
Financial inclusion empowers fish vending women in India

Addressing an essential need of the fish vending women: credit at a reasonable rate of interest.

Asia and the Pacific
Community-driven development improves livelihoods in Tonga

Collective planning and action results in more ownership, better skills and higher incomes.

Asia and the Pacific
The Green Livelihood Campaign: Supporting financial inclusion and renewable energy for salt farmers in India

Helping salt farmers improve their livelihoods through solar pumps

Linking remittances to African postal services

Offering financial services through post offices in remote areas.

East and Southern Africa
Beef Value chain finance initiative

Facilitating smallholders' access to working capital to improve food and income security.

Asia and the Pacific
Tool banks in rural India

Empowering women through better access to agricultural tools.

Latin America and the Caribbean
Certificate scheme provides access to finance in Paraguay

A new way to access collateral for loans.

West and Central Africa
Rural entrepreneurship resource centers

Giving entrepreneurs the skills and tools to build their ideas into businesses.

Asia and the Pacific
Access to markets and finance for farmers in Sri Lanka

Technology and training connect farmers with resources for business growth.

Near East, North Africa, Europe and Central Asia
Uniting smallholders to access value chains

A collective approach to commercializing small-scale agriculture.

Asia and the Pacific
Fish marketing societies in Coastal India

Supporting fishing communities against exploitative creditors.

Near East, North Africa, Europe and Central Asia
Enhancing food security in Somalia through diaspora investment in agriculture

Diaspora communities act as powerful agents of development for their country.