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Latin America and the Caribbean
Flor de Tierra: Rural youth entrepreneurship supporting sustainable food production in Guatemala

Latin America and the Caribbean
Community-based capacity-building to enhance rural youth leadership and entrepreneurship in Costa Rica

Near East, North Africa, Europe and Central Asia
Enhancing access to financial services for young entrepreneurs

Inclusive rural finance and capacity development through knowledge-sharing and practical demonstrations by beneficiaries.

Asia and the Pacific
Farmers’ Hub

A Farmers’ Hub (FH) is a one-stop commercial service platform where smallholders can access quality agri-inputs, farm machinery, markets, finance, and knowledge. Under a franchise system, each FH is run by an educated young rural person who ensures the quality of services. To optimize business operations and connect relevant partners, FHs use a digital tool called eFarmersHub. Around 200,000 smallholder farmers currently get services from FHs in Bangladesh.

Agroecology farmer training

Farmers across the Global South can learn from agroecological solutions presented by their peers via Access Agriculture’s online video platform. While thousands of organizations and rural service providers have freely downloaded and shared these videos from Africa, Asia and Latin America, farmers have become the largest occupational group signing up for Access Agriculture. At least sixty million farmers have seen Access Agriculture videos.

East and Southern Africa
Sheep Fattening

To improve incomes from sheep fattening in rural Ethiopia, ICARDA took a new approach that leveraged youth as influencers to scale up adoption of improved sheep fattening technology and practices. Young people received a start-up package, participated in youth group trainings, were supported by a community of practice and disseminated their knowledge by organizing field days. This approach has continued in the communities despite the project ending. Thus, ICARDA continues to provide support and trainings to youth groups.

West and Central Africa
Babyloan: Funding young micro-entrepreneurs in Rural Mali

Enabling the Malian diaspora to lend small amounts in support of micro-entrepreneurs in Mali.

Latin America and the Caribbean
Agricultural Innovation Marketplace

Knowledge-sharing initiative to boost agricultural innovation.

Household management methods for rural families

Promoting equality within family units to support broader social change.

Near East, North Africa, Europe and Central Asia
Boosting food security through multi-national innovation ‘corridors’

Environmentally similar countries can pool resources to accelerate agricultural development.