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East and Southern Africa
Farm Radio Trust

Harnessing the power of ICTs to improve agricultural extension services in Malawi

Global or multi-regional initiative
The Toothpick Project: Fighting Striga (witchweed) with Smallholder Biotechnology

Providing safe and innovative bioherbicide, designed by and for smallholders.

Global or multi-regional initiative
Pula: Combining affordable insurance with agronomic advice to protect smallholder farmers in emerging markets

A tool to help smallholder farmers avoid devastating financial losses.

Asia and the Pacific
National cloud platform for grass-roots agricultural technology extension in China

Enabling grass-roots agricultural extension workers to acquire timely information and knowledge in China

Asia and the Pacific
Rebuilding lives in conflict zones in Jammu and Kashmir, India

Women, work and peace: Training women to overcome conflict and natural disasters

Asia and the Pacific
Zero fish waste in Indonesia

Improving food security by reducing post-harvest loss in fishery through better processing

Global or multi-regional initiative
An innovative and scalable cooking-based charcoal production value chain for women

Charcoal produced as a by-product of daily cooking becomes a livelihood opportunity.

Global or multi-regional initiative
Developing policies and programmes on spate irrigation

Spate irrigation provides an effective solution during times of water shortage

East and Southern Africa
Culinary Demonstration Units

Tackling malnutrition through knowledge sharing and practical demonstrations among farmers

East and Southern Africa
Setting up plant clinics for farmers and their crops

Through expert advice, farmers improve the health of their crops and access best practices.

Global or multi-regional initiative
Mobilizing public-private partnerships in support of women-led small business development

Sustainable, export-oriented small businesses to produce cashmere, mohair and wool.

East and Southern Africa
Beef Value chain finance initiative

Facilitating smallholders' access to working capital to improve food and income security.

Asia and the Pacific
Linking farmers and fair trade through cellphones

Strong information flow within a supply chain for better outcomes.

Latin America and the Caribbean
Agricultural Innovation Marketplace

Knowledge-sharing initiative to boost agricultural innovation.

West and Central Africa
Rural entrepreneurship resource centers

Giving entrepreneurs the skills and tools to build their ideas into businesses.

West and Central Africa
Pastoral Units - Natural resource sharing

Developing Pastoral Units to support natural resource management in Senegal.

East and Southern Africa
Sustainable beekeeping in the Indian Ocean Islands

Using sustainable apiculture to offset climate change.

Global or multi-regional initiative
Household management methods for rural families

Promoting equality within family units to support broader social change.

Near East, North Africa, Europe and Central Asia
Boosting food security through multi-national innovation ‘corridors’

Environmentally similar countries can pool resources to accelerate agricultural development.

Global or multi-regional initiative
Coffee industry regeneration in Sao Tome and Principe

Local and international groups collaborate to restore a tradition of outstanding coffee.