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Asia and the Pacific
Climate Adaptive Fodder Production

Climate adaptive fodder production supports livestock productivity, ensuring household food security and economic viability.

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Near East, North Africa, Europe and Central Asia
Enhancing access to financial services for young entrepreneurs

Inclusive rural finance and capacity development through knowledge-sharing and practical demonstrations by beneficiaries.

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East and Southern Africa
Timely information Access

AgriPredict is an agritech company whose aim is to provide timely and on-demand information that is accessible to all farmers. Its vision is to improve food security and impact lives. This solution would help fill a gap in the agriculture sector, particularly among small-scale farmers who have the greatest challenges in accessing information.

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West and Central Africa
Plantain seedlings

The project provided plantain farmers with sufficient quantities of healthy seedlings in order to expand plantain cultivation. In 2013, nursery growers in Cote D’Ivoire were trained in the PIF technique for producing healthy plantain seedlings, and a year later, several production zones were established across the country. Subsequently, over five million seedlings were propagated and distributed to farmers between 2014 and 2018.

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East and Southern Africa
Land tenure security

The Sustainable Rangeland Management Project (SRMP) is a land governance project with the goal of fostering inclusive land governance in order to improve food security and economic development in the context of competing land demands. Implemented in three phases with Phase III running from 2016-2020, the project relied on participatory land-use planning and allocating community land rights to move toward a more productive and conflict-free rangeland management and accountability-based relationship among the local communities.

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