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Latin America and the Caribbean
Flor de Tierra: Rural youth entrepreneurship supporting sustainable food production in Guatemala

Latin America and the Caribbean
Engendering cooperativism: Rural women’s leadership in the struggle to facilitate family farmers’ access to markets.

Latin America and the Caribbean
Mano a Mano: Rural-urban alliances to reshape food markets and improve the quality of diets

Latin America and the Caribbean
Seeds of hope: Traditional and ancestral knowledge applied to revitalize, preserve and multiply more nutritious and climate change-resilient seed varieties in Chile

Latin America and the Caribbean
Community-based capacity-building to enhance rural youth leadership and entrepreneurship in Costa Rica

Latin America and the Caribbean
Sustainable and decentralized infrastructures to adapt to climate change

Mobilizing and training rural communities to construct low-cost water management mechanisms

Latin America and the Caribbean

Kumé is an IFAD-supported platform created by Fundación ACUA (Afro-descendant Cultural Assets Foundation). By commercializing gastronomic products and services that promote culture, traditional knowledge and local crops, ACUA enhances the visibility of rural Afro-descendant communities in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Through the platform, chefs in rural territories offer live online cooking classes for participants in major cities. Using traditional recipes, the chefs showcase their cultures, territories and traditional practices.

West and Central Africa
Community-Based Breeding Programmes

Ten years ago, community-based breeding programmes appeared as a pioneer solution for improving the genes of sheep and goat in low-input systems. CBBPs focus on building local capacity by training farmers, leading to sustained genetic improvement of indigenous breeds. The solution has made economically important genes more common, increased farmers’ income by 20 per cent and helped the community triple their consumption of animal source foods.

Near East, North Africa, Europe and Central Asia
Conservation Agriculture

When properly managed, conservation agriculture can benefit both farmers and the environment. Conservation agriculture refers to the use of technologies and practices that enhance crop productivity while improving resource-use efficiency and soil health. As an alternative to conventional tillage for rainfed drylands, it not only saves time and labour, but also conserves water and nutrients in the soil to make crop production more resilient to climate change.

Latin America and the Caribbean
Broadening the usage of ICTs in the coffee value chain

New ICTs help Guatemalan coffee farmers respond to climate change.

Latin America and the Caribbean
Rural Development Roundtables

Participatory fora for dialogue and decision-making among civil society and public institutions.

Latin America and the Caribbean
Participatory Mapping

An inclusive methodology to promote sustainable access to natural resources.

Latin America and the Caribbean
REAF policy dialogue platform for family farming

A voice for rural farmers in MERCOSUR countries.

Developing a business case for safe recovery of water, nutrients and energy

Enterprise-based solutions for reuse of domestic and agro-industrial waste

Latin America and the Caribbean
Rural dialogue groups drive policy change in LAC

Policy debate and discussion among groups of influencers creates change for poor people.

Scaling up micro-irrigation in Guatemala, India and Madagascar

Drip micro-irrigation to increase yields and save water.

Latin America and the Caribbean
Certificate scheme provides access to finance in Paraguay

A new way to access collateral for loans.

Latin America and the Caribbean
Agricultural Innovation Marketplace

Knowledge-sharing initiative to boost agricultural innovation.

Coffee industry regeneration in Sao Tome and Principe

Local and international groups collaborate to restore a tradition of outstanding coffee.