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West and Central Africa
Plantain seedlings

The project provided plantain farmers with sufficient quantities of healthy seedlings in order to expand plantain cultivation. In 2013, nursery growers in Cote D’Ivoire were trained in the PIF technique for producing healthy plantain seedlings, and a year later, several production zones were established across the country. Subsequently, over five million seedlings were propagated and distributed to farmers between 2014 and 2018.

Mobile phone solution for smoothing business transactions in agribusiness value chains

A platform that allows agribusinesses to work more efficiently and manage data.

Pula: Combining affordable insurance with agronomic advice to protect smallholder farmers in emerging markets

A tool to help smallholder farmers avoid devastating financial losses.

The Toothpick Project: Fighting Striga (witchweed) with Smallholder Biotechnology

Providing safe and innovative bioherbicide, designed by and for smallholders.

West and Central Africa
Access to agriculture services

The Amplio Talking Book (ATB) audio device provides smallholder farmers with technical information and lessons to help them increase their productivity, food security and nutrition. Implemented by Literacy Bridge Ghana (LBG), the Talking Book program has reached 23,000 women farmers in northern Ghana, with participants rating the programme as their top source of information for farming.

Using technology to increase access to mechanization for smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa

Connecting tractor owners and smallholder farmers to ensure faster planting.

West and Central Africa
Mechanized raised-bed technology

Mechanized raised-bed (MRB) irrigation is a field-configuration technology that enhances water use efficiency in dryland conditions. This technology, along with improved crop varieties and agronomic practices, is part of a MRB production package that improves farm productivity and income. For wheat in Egypt, MRB led to an average 25 percent increase in yield, more than 60 percent increase in water productivity and about 20 percent in farming cost reduction.

West and Central Africa
Community-Based Breeding Programmes

Ten years ago, community-based breeding programmes appeared as a pioneer solution for improving the genes of sheep and goat in low-input systems. CBBPs focus on building local capacity by training farmers, leading to sustained genetic improvement of indigenous breeds. The solution has made economically important genes more common, increased farmers’ income by 20 per cent and helped the community triple their consumption of animal source foods.

West and Central Africa
Supplemental irrigation

Supplemental irrigation provides higher and more stable yields, a lower risk of crop failure and much higher crop water productivity, which together significantly improve farmers' incomes. Supplemental irrigation helps mitigate inconsistent seasonal rainfall, which is intensifying because of climate change. Already, frequent droughts cause substantial crop losses.

West and Central Africa
Heat-tolerant wheat

The International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) has developed high-yielding wheat varieties with resistance to extreme heat, drought, salinity, insect pests and diseases. The varieties have been adopted throughout Central and West Asia, North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa, areas highly vulnerable to climate change. This solution aims to enhance productivity, raise farmers’ incomes, create jobs and increase value addition by encouraging higher levels of wheat self-sufficiency.

Drone technology

Most farmers have a problem with on time application of pesticide sprays owing to the lack of knowledge on how to scout for pests, how to determine the optimal time to spray, and a shortage of labor during certain periods of the cropping cycle. The use of drones increases spraying efficiency and reduces the turnaround times for applying crop protection.

West and Central Africa
Seed Industry digital support

SeedAssure is a digital decision support tool for seed industry professionals with a much stronger reporting and corrective action management capability than existing paper-based processes.

West and Central Africa
Babyloan: Funding young micro-entrepreneurs in Rural Mali

Enabling the Malian diaspora to lend small amounts in support of micro-entrepreneurs in Mali.

Developing a business case for safe recovery of water, nutrients and energy

Enterprise-based solutions for reuse of domestic and agro-industrial waste

Linking remittances to African postal services

Offering financial services through post offices in remote areas.

East and Southern Africa
Using ICT to share innovative agricultural technology in Tanzania

SMS and radio shows introduced productivity-enhancing technologies to 2 million farmers.

West and Central Africa
Rural entrepreneurship resource centers

Giving entrepreneurs the skills and tools to build their ideas into businesses.

West and Central Africa
Pastoral Units - Natural resource sharing

Developing Pastoral Units to support natural resource management in Senegal.

Household management methods for rural families

Promoting equality within family units to support broader social change.

Coffee industry regeneration in Sao Tome and Principe

Local and international groups collaborate to restore a tradition of outstanding coffee.

Flexi Biogas

Portable power from cost-effective eco-friendly biogas systems.