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Latin America and the Caribbean
Broadening the usage of ICTs in the coffee value chain

New ICTs help Guatemalan coffee farmers respond to climate change.

East and Southern Africa
Farm Radio Trust

Harnessing the power of ICTs to improve agricultural extension services in Malawi

Global or multi-regional initiative
The Toothpick Project: Fighting Striga (witchweed) with Smallholder Biotechnology

Providing safe and innovative bioherbicide, designed by and for smallholders.

East and Southern Africa
E-finance vouchers support growth for Kenyan smallholders

Building food security with an agribusiness e-finance system.

Asia and the Pacific
Wuzhishan Green Agriculture Park

Creating employment opportunities and enhancing environmental protection by modernizing agriculture

East and Southern Africa
Smart Nkunganire System (SNS)

Digitizing the agricultural inputs subsidy program to increase agricultural productivity among smallholder farmers in Rwanda

Asia and the Pacific
Rural e-commerce platform

Gradual poverty alleviation by marketing local specialties and tourism

Asia and the Pacific
West China’s ramen economy

A variety of measures help develop the economics of a popular regional product and reduce poverty

Global or multi-regional initiative
Using technology to increase access to mechanization for smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa

Connecting tractor owners and smallholder farmers to ensure faster planting.

Global or multi-regional initiative
Pula: Combining affordable insurance with agronomic advice to protect smallholder farmers in emerging markets

A tool to help smallholder farmers avoid devastating financial losses.

Global or multi-regional initiative
Mobile phone solution for smoothing business transactions in agribusiness value chains

A platform that allows agribusinesses to work more efficiently and manage data.

Near East, North Africa, Europe and Central Asia
Harvest-IT: a “gateway to information” for farmers in the Arab States, Europe and the CIS region

Offline access to country-specific information on a range of agricultural topics.

Asia and the Pacific
Zero fish waste in Indonesia

Improving food security by reducing post-harvest loss in fishery through better processing

Asia and the Pacific
The Green Livelihood Campaign: Supporting financial inclusion and renewable energy for salt farmers in India

Helping salt farmers improve their livelihoods through solar pumps

Asia and the Pacific
The Afghanistan Rural Enterprise Development Project (AREDP)

Developing supply chains and community groups for producers and SMEs.

East and Southern Africa
Setting up plant clinics for farmers and their crops

Through expert advice, farmers improve the health of their crops and access best practices.

East and Southern Africa
Using ICT to share innovative agricultural technology in Tanzania

SMS and radio shows introduced productivity-enhancing technologies to 2 million farmers.

Asia and the Pacific
Linking farmers and fair trade through cellphones

Strong information flow within a supply chain for better outcomes.

West and Central Africa
Rural entrepreneurship resource centers

Giving entrepreneurs the skills and tools to build their ideas into businesses.

East and Southern Africa
REACTS Business-Building Consortiums

Uniting local organizations improves farmers' incomes.

Asia and the Pacific
Access to markets and finance for farmers in Sri Lanka

Technology and training connect farmers with resources for business growth.

Near East, North Africa, Europe and Central Asia
Uniting smallholders to access value chains

A collective approach to commercializing small-scale agriculture.

Asia and the Pacific
Fish marketing societies in Coastal India

Supporting fishing communities against exploitative creditors.

Global or multi-regional initiative
Coffee industry regeneration in Sao Tome and Principe

Local and international groups collaborate to restore a tradition of outstanding coffee.

Asia and the Pacific
Supporting business growth for Bangladeshi char-area producers

Group-based support project helped new char-area residents build social capital.