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Near East, North Africa, Europe and Central Asia
Harvest-IT: a “gateway to information” for farmers in the Arab States, Europe and the CIS region

Offline access to country-specific information on a range of agricultural topics.

Asia and the Pacific
Zero fish waste in Indonesia

Improving food security by reducing post-harvest loss in fishery through better processing

Asia and the Pacific
The Green Livelihood Campaign: Supporting financial inclusion and renewable energy for salt farmers in India

Helping salt farmers improve their livelihoods through solar pumps

Global or multi-regional initiative
An innovative and scalable cooking-based charcoal production value chain for women

Charcoal produced as a by-product of daily cooking becomes a livelihood opportunity.

Global or multi-regional initiative
Developing policies and programmes on spate irrigation

Spate irrigation provides an effective solution during times of water shortage

Latin America and the Caribbean
Broadening the usage of ICTs in the coffee value chain

New ICTs help Guatemalan coffee farmers respond to climate change.

East and Southern Africa
Using ICT to share innovative agricultural technology in Tanzania

SMS and radio shows introduced productivity-enhancing technologies to 2 million farmers.

Near East, North Africa, Europe and Central Asia
Rural development in the Arabian Peninsula

Technology transfer to enhance rural livelihoods and natural resource management.

Asia and the Pacific
Linking farmers and fair trade through cellphones

Strong information flow within a supply chain for better outcomes.

Global or multi-regional initiative
Scaling up micro-irrigation in Guatemala, India and Madagascar

Drip micro-irrigation to increase yields and save water.

Asia and the Pacific
Tool banks in rural India

Empowering women through better access to agricultural tools.

East and Southern Africa
Sustainable beekeeping in the Indian Ocean Islands

Using sustainable apiculture to offset climate change.

Asia and the Pacific
Access to markets and finance for farmers in Sri Lanka

Technology and training connect farmers with resources for business growth.

Asia and the Pacific
A cellphone-based information hub for pastoralists in Gujarat

India’s trend for mobile tech helped create a powerful knowledge network.

East and Southern Africa
Preserving watersheds in Nairobi

Improving water quality with natural infrastructure.

Global or multi-regional initiative
Flexi Biogas

Portable power from cost-effective eco-friendly biogas systems.

East and Southern Africa
Knowledge-sharing radio broadcasts help female farmers thrive

Adding female voices to agricultural radio programmes empowered communities in Africa.